White Islets

Early this morning Lawrence, Mark and I took off from Davis Bay to see what was happening on the White Islets. The conditions were perfect. I wish I had my expensive camera but I just took my point and shoot. Last time we were out there the waves kicked up to 5-6 foot swells. It took us about 30 minutes at a leisurely pace because the sea was so smooth and reflective. It was so idyllic I am hoping to sell some of the photos to local tourist publications.

When we landed we could only see a few nests but as we got used to the camouflage there were many nests tucked into the rocks. Not as many nests as one might expect given the number of seagulls. Luckily (or unluckily) we didn’t get any

bird poop presents. We were surprised the birds did not try to dive bomb us as we explored the eggs. It was noisy but not even that smelly. And there were some really cool looking Murs which I had never seen before. I could relate to their big feet in proportion to their bodies.

In a few weeks we will go back , stay longer and photograph the baby birds. The morning was topped off by coffee, peach crumble and conversation. I plan to buy a mini-skirt for my kayak ( partial skirt ) and maybe next time if the conditions are right I will take my Nikon D90 and lenses in a dry bag to use when we are on land.

Watch out White Islets…. We are coming back to see you again.