Shooting Storms




Normally I don’t use the word shoot when I am talking about photography but because there is such an intense/violent energy during a storm I think it’s OK.

No need to travel to Tofino this winter.



Here’s a list of do’s and don’ts while our latest storm is still fresh. When the power comes back on I‘ll post this as my first tellaphoto blog entry. Enjoy!

  • do put safety first… amazing to get those waves crashing shots… but there are lots of huge logs being tossed
  • do get out there at the height of the action… no thinking you can get this later…
  • do let the camera acclimatize to the elements or it will fog up
  • do have a spare charged battery with you ( the variation in temperature can be really tough on camera batteries )
  • do have extra clothes in the vehicle… hiking boots, rain gear, a hat, extra gloves etc
  • do have extra
    cloths for cleaning your camera and lens ( better to have someone hold an umbrella or something to keep your equipment dry… but if you are out there on your own… try to keep drying your camera)
  • do try to step back and observe… the adrenalin will be pumping because it is so powerful… breathe deeply and take in the whole scene before you go out in the elements
  • do shoot with a fairly fast shutter speed (‘/400 sec or faster).. although some blur is good to show movement… and a fairly great depth of field … at least F8
  • do see if any media people want to buy your timely photo ( if not… post it to your local weather site… good PR)


  • don’t stay in the same place… even though it may be tempting… keep moving to get various perspectives
  • don’t ruin your equipment to get a good photo…. There may be some photos you just have to pass on… if you think your life or equipment are in danger