Photographing Graduations

Why do I write these blogs? Hopefully some of my experience will help other photographers out there. Most of us are self-taught… so lets share the knowledge so we don’t have to reinvent the wheel.

Here’s what I learned from bringing my camera to our son’s Grade 12 Grad.

These are big moments… so get there early and get a good spot. Take various lenses. I kept trading between the widest angle lens I had and the 70-300 zoom.

For the hat toss I had the camera on burst mode and I am happy with the best shot. And for the ceremony I pumped up the ISO since the lighting was rather dim. Hey… these photos are for keepsakes… not for blowing up…. But I am a little disappointed in how much noise there is.

I am going to be busy… as I took lots of photos of friends’ kids and their families. Hopefully folks appreciate the time in uploading, editing , sending etc.

If you give your camera to someone else…. Set up the shot… then hand them the camera. There really isn’t a super photo of our family… maybe that is because I am way better at taking the photos than being in them. After doing photography for so many years…I take a lot of things for granted. But the person I handed the camera to…. Didn’t mention things… like … hey… I can’t see so and so’s face…. etc. and I couldn’t see that from my vantage point.

The better shots are the spontaneous action shots rather than the group all posed shots. Enjoy the experience and if all else fails there is the hired photographer there although it really smarts to pay money for a photo when you could do it yourself.

Although sometimes those spunky teenagers are more co-operative for a stranger. Revel in the accomplishment!