Photographing Darla’s Exquisite Jewelry

Today I had the pleasure of photographing some of Darla Van Horne’s exquisite creations. Rather than using a light box I chose to set up my tripod outside. Set my camera on aperture priority F13 to ensure everything would be in focus. Darla wanted her work on a plain background as well as on a piece of stone. It worked really well for her to be arranging the pieces.


When we needed to prop things up  we used some blue sticky stuff  and a pair of tweezers came in handy for fine adjustments. For the first time since I have been shooting digitally, my camera battery ran out. Shooting outside in the cold plus all the switching from live view must have made it run down quickly. (had my back up charged) We both felt great. In an afternoon she had her images for applying to shows and her website and I had a sense of accomplishment for a project completed.