Low Tide in Sandy Hook

The first time I looked at my watch an hour had passed. These days I hardly ever concentrate on anything for an hour. That’s one of the reasons I love photography. It takes me into a different time zone.

Bijan dropped me off at the boat launch in Sandy Hook. I changed into my water shoes to explore the treasures of the low tide.

Normally the sea stars are the stars but this time a friendly heron and I had our moments. The bird let me get quite close. I was talking softly…. telling that I was just admiring the beauty. I felt like I was being studied as much as I was doing the studying.

My 70-300 mm lens was on sports mode for most of the time. After a couple of hours of wandering around in the cold water at the beach I changed back into my runners and ditched the water shoes under our aluminum boat. (Note to self. Shoes are under the boat.) Grey days make the colours so saturated and low tide always provides something interesting …. Even if it is different than we expected.