Gospel Rock

Today my new friend Carl and I took a hike in the upper Gospel Rock area in Gibsons BC. This fabulous property has been in the local news as the Town of Gibsons tries to negotiate a solution as to the best use of the land.

We walked through the woods at the end of Fairview Rd in Gibsons up to the bluff known as “Little Africa” in search of Anna’s hummingbird. Although we only caught a glimpse of one hummingbird whizzing by, I was really impressed with the biodiversity we saw in a couple of hours. We were guessing that because the area was a riot of blossoms…. wild rose, broom, wild geranium, honey suckle, salal, etc. the humming birds were away from their usual spots enjoying all the flowers.

No worries. At the top of the hill there is a glorious vista stretching out to the mouth of Howe Sound . There were a couple of very non-skittish ravens hanging out in some old craggy trees. The perfect chance for me to try out my new Nikor 70-300 zoom lens and a super fast memory card.

I really liked that it is so much lighter than my 70-200 2.8 lens. While we were waiting for the hummingbirds we saw an alligator lizard, a pileated woodpecker, male lazuli bunting and lots of LBJ’s (little brown jobs). When I looked at my photos I realized that the lens also gives me a nice macro effect as well.

We have been on the coast for 11 years and there are still so many places to discover. Thanks for introducing me to your “hood” Carl. Guess I will just have to go back to get that hummingbird photo.