Children Only

Photographing four lovely young cousins was one of those learning experiences.  I did ask the Moms to have the kids’ outfits coordinated, the studio was set up ahead of time, but I wish I had prepared some fun props to keep the kids engaged longer.  Balloons or bubbles might have worked. Snacks might have made the experience more kid friendly.  One young lovely just decided she was done and that was the end of the whole group experience. I ended up having to photoshop one person into a photo because his expression was better in another photo.  Note to self… take a few in the same position so this is an option. I liked the photo of the two boys in the natural light outside. Next time I will start outdoors and then move inside. I did manage to cajole a couple more photos with the silly hats. The family was happy and I learned for the next time. Some fun results…