Crowston Lake Photo Adventure

Today Tristyn and I found our way to Crowston Lake for a photo adventure. We got a little lost and used the dark forest to try out some slow shutter speed photography.  Hey.. but we found the lake and dipped our feet in the clear warm waters. Here’s a sampling of Tristyn’s  fabulous funky photos. […]

Wormy Lake June 4

Today I heard baby beavers crying for their Mama   to feed them. When Mama realized we were there she swam away and made a big splash to get us away from the dam. The Lake was so calm it was really a delight for all the senses. If you are interested in a photo […]

An Evening at Gliff Gilker

This evening we went on a photo adventure to Gliff Gilker Park. The main idea was to play with shutter speed to get that silky smooth water. Since we started about 7 pm we could leave the shutter open without overexposing the rest of the image. Check out the great image Sam created. And let me […]

A Quick Trip to the Big City

I needed to do a couple errands in downtown Vancouver so I took the ferry and bus in and met a friend downtown. We had just less than 2 hours total for photography. Lawrence played with his new sleek tripod and I experimented with shutter speed. Now I want a new tripod of course.     […]

Family Photos with an 18 month old

A lovely young family had was given a gift of a photo shoot by the generous and wise Grandmother. Besides finding shade on such a glorious day the other challenge was keeping the toddler interested. A ball and dandelions all proved very helpful as well as the  chocolate cookie chasers provided by the parents. It […]